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A gift of memories...

Congratulations!  You date is confirmed with us, we are very happy & honoured to document  your wedding date.

As you have chosen the Deluxe Wedding Package at EL CID you have some coverage already included.

We always recommend adding more moments to our photography coverage, for example: 1st look, Getting Ready & The Reception (which can include 1st Dance, Cake, Speeches & Party) 

Video coverage is also an option to consider, it is amazing to be able to document in video your love, happiness & memories.

Listening to the vows in the ceremony as well as the speeches is an emotional detail you can also document in video.

Be sure that we will capture the most memorable day of your life and your pictures and videos will tell a charming love story.

Wedding Photography Moments to add to your Deluxe:

Getting Ready

During the Getting Ready we can capture spontaneous & naturally posed shots of the Bride and the Groom in their suites.

It is a must to have some shots with the precious window light, in the air-con when the makeup and hair are done and perfect.

 We take portraiture further into the creative realm with an artistic composition.

1st Look

During the 1st look we can capture the spontaneous moments and reactions when the Groom see the Bride for the 1st time. 

The photos capture the moments exactly as they happened and together they tell a story.


During the Reception we can capture the love at the 1st Dance, the reactions in the speeches, cutting the cake, the fun in the party and we also do shots of the Bride and the Groom in an artistic, almost cinematic appearance. It is the most relaxed moment of the wedding and the photos come out amazing in the night.

  • getting ready coverage.

  • 130 artfully edited images.

  • 1 hour of coverage/per camera

  • 2nd camera for the groom.

  • includes candid moments plus the naturally posed shots in the suite with the perfect & soft window light.

1,800 usd

950 usd


  • 50 artfully edited images.

  • 40 minutes coverage.

  • includes the reactions of the groom and bride when they see each other for the 1st time. Plus some private couple shots before the wedding.



1,050 usd per hour

  • reception coverage.

  • 75 artfully edited images per hr.

  • the elements depend on the hours of coverage. they can be: 1st dance, speeches, cake & party.

  • Additional photographer  $1,800 USD 

  • Save the Date session $1,800 USD

  • Trash The Dress $1,800 USD


2,800 usd

  • up to 4 hours - elements depend on timeline they can be  can be: ceremony & portraits, getting ready, 1st look, 1st dance, cake, speeches and party.

  • 15 min extended cut

  • 5-7 min highlight edit

  • 1 min social media edit.

  • extra hour 600 USD.


2,200 usd

  •  Ceremony, Couple  & Family Portraits moments

  • 5 min documentary edit.

  • audio of vows.

  • 1 min social media edit.

  • up to 2 hours coverage

nO AUDIO highlight

1,800 usd

  • Only available as an add-on to your photography collection.

  • 5-7 min highlight edit

  • 1 min social media edit.

  • no audios included.

  • no extended cut included

Remember, relive & treasure.

Go back in time with a chronicle of  your Wedding's Photos & Videos.

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