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Getting Ready...

The morning of your wedding is when everything is pristine. Your dress is perfectly steamed. Your hair and makeup are flawless. And your flowers are at their peak. This is the best time to get some gorgeous portraits, window light is very photogenic plus you will be in the air con and we can capture those small details! This is the best time of the day to capture not only your gown, but your stationary, your rings, and details of your bridesmaids.

When creating your wedding photography timeline, we will often arrive an hour or so before you put on your gown, so we can make sure to get the final touches, and an image of the gown hanging. This will also allow us to get some intimate interaction between you and your bridesmaids before the formal dresses are put on.

We can capture important moments of your mom helping you in your dress, your grandmother, sisters, and best friends emotions.

When you take some time to do getting ready pictures, you can have some more special moments planned. One of my favorites are doing first looks! One option is to do a first look with your dad, where you can show him you in your gown for the first time. This lets us capture his sweet reaction, with some privacy before guests arrive.

Another fun moment is the first look with your bridesmaids! As the bridesmaids change, you can change into your gown, so they see your complete look for the first time with you.

Even the moment where you see yourself with your dress on can be an emotional time. By having getting ready photos, you are able to capture some of these important details, that you will remember forever. It is also important to have us photograph the little details during this time.


These are intimate pieces you fell in love with! Pieces like the flowers in your bouquet, your hair, your manicure, and the details of your wedding gown. These little details often make for our couples favorite images.


Remember, relive & treasure.


Go back in time with a chronicle of  your Wedding's Photos.

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