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A gift of memories...

Photographs & Videos are part of our legacy and an instrument to document our existence.

We work with moments and emotions to exceed the unique expectations of each client in order to design magical and precious memories.

We combine an excellent quality with a luxurious service  to create the most breathtaking images that will capture love, happiness & memories that you will carry forever in your heart.


We are honored and humbled that your are considering us to document your day. 

Candid Photography

The spontaneous photos capture the moments exactly as they happened and together they tell a story.

Classic Portraits

Include naturally posed shots of you, your friends and family in front of various sceneries. We take portraiture further into the creative realm with an artistic composition.

Artistic Documentary

An artistic, almost cinematic appearance. Usually the object or subject is in focus and the background appears to blur. Motion also looks very natural in this style of photography.

 Fine Art Event Photography:

  • Last generation Sony & Canon Cameras.

  • Drone DJI Phanthom IV Pro Plus.

  • Elaborated post-production.

  •  Beauty retouch (arms, wrinkles, etc)

  • Extremely crisp images.

  • 62 megapixel images.

  • 4k drone images.

  • High-resolution download link.

  • 8 months backup.

  • Copyrights and Print Release Form.

Event Cinematography:

  • Last generation Sony Cameras (A7RIV, A7RIII.)

  • Camera Stabilizer.

  • Drone DJI Phantom IV Pro Plus.

  • Elaborated post-production.

  • Highlight edition.

  • Artistic Documentary edition.

  • 4k footage.

  • High-resolution download link.

  • 8 months backup.

  • Copyrights.

getting ready
1,300 usd

  • getting ready coverage.

  • 130 artfully edited images.

  • 1 hour of coverage/per camera

  • 2nd camera for the groom.

  • includes candid moments plus the naturally posed shots in the suite with the perfect & soft window light.

extra day

1,500 usd

  • extra day session

  • 150 artfully edited images

  • Drone images

  • Slideshow

  • 1 hour coverage

Reception photography
1,050 usd

  • reception coverage.

  • 70 artfully edited images per hr.

  • the elements depend on the hours of coverage. they can be: 1st dance, speeches, cake & party

cinema collection # 1
2,800 usd

  • getting ready & dance plus ceremony and family/Single portraits

  • 15 min extended cut + 5 min highlight.

  • Drone 

  • spechees & audios

  • 4 hour coverage

cinema collection # 2

1,800 usd

  •  Ceremony, Single  & Family Portraits 

  • 3-5 min highlight.

  • Drone 

  • no audio

  • 2 -4 hour coverage

  • add-on to photo collection 

cinema collection #3
1,500 usd

  • ceremony Coverage

  • 150 artfully edited images

  • 3 minute highlight

  • no audio

  • 1 hour coverage

Remember, relive & treasure.

Go back in time with a chronicle of  your event's Photos & Videos.

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