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A gift of love...

Welcome to our 1st of hopefully many photography contests! 


Photographs are part of our legacy and an instrument to document our existence...

Let's create breathtaking images and capture love & happiness.

This trial contest will end in 2 months (March 14):

  1. For being able to use the photos in the contest they need to have a positive release form.

  2. It's very important to upload your images by category every Sunday or before.

  3. Every Monday we will select the winners of the last week.

  4. It's very important to respect the dates of the photos to be able to participate.

  5. For being able to win a category there should be a photo of each photographer.

  6. Every winner from each category wins one point.

  7. On March 14th we will count the points and the final winner will receive a gift (Value 3,000 MXN.)

Candid Photography

The spontaneous photos capture the moments exactly as they happened and together they tell a story.

Classic Portraits

Include naturally posed shots of the couple, friends and family in front of various sceneries. We take portraiture further into the creative realm with an artistic composition.

Artistic Documentary

An artistic, almost cinematic appearance. Usually the object or subject is in focus and the background appears to blur. Motion also looks very natural in this style of photography.


  • Real moments

  • Love interaction moments

  • Action moments

  • Frozen moments 

  • All about light moments

  • Pure Art moments

  • Documentary moments

  • Sequence moments

  • Individual Portraits

  • Family Portraits

  • Couple Portraits

  • Combination Portraits

  • Artistic background Portraits

  • All about light Portraits

  • Detail Portraits

  • Hotel views Portraits

Remember, relive & treasure.
Go back in time with a chronicle of  your photos.

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